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Jack - O - Lantern (Poem by Miranda)  
Jack - O - Lantern,
Jack - O - Lantern,
You are such a funny sight.
As you sit there in the window,
Looking out at the night.

You were once a yellow pumpkin
Growing on a strudy vine,
Now you are a Jack - O - Lantern
See the candlelight shine.
Otis (Poem by Miranda)  

I have a pet.
My pet is a dog.
His name is Otis.
My dog is black.
He is a large size dog.
He has pointy ears and a pointy tail.
He has short fur.
He can give me five.
He barks a lot.
I love my dog.
Apples Smiles (Poem by Miranda)  
Way up high in an apple tree,
All the little apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could;
Down came those apples,
Ummmm--They were good!
Dear Mommy written August 28, 2005 by my friend Joani White  

Dear Mommy:

Mommy, I knew that you’d be worried cause I saw your tears last night, so I asked God if I could tell you that everything’s alright.  At first I didn’t want to go, I knew that I’d be leaving you, but then a hand took hold of mine, it was someone that I knew.  He told me not to be afraid, and to walk with him awhile. He said that I was just like you and he could see you in my smile.  He told me stories about you and your brother, and how he felt the same way I do when he left your mother.  I knew that he’d take care of me as we walked the streets of gold, and I knew that you’d feel better knowing it was Opa’s hand I hold.

I’m not sick anymore, and I don’t even need my glasses. I’m laughing and playing, and mommy, I even cheered for the masses.  My hair’s grown back and I have lots of curls, Opa said I’m the prettiest of all the girls.

They gave me a crown made of stars, and they shine so bright. It’s so you can see me on that dark, lonely night. Opa said a thousand years on earth is like one day here, and it won’t be long before our loved ones are near.

So mommy don’t worry and please don’t cry, this is just the beginning and not a goodbye.

My Favorite Memory with My Family by Miranda Barnes, 2003  

It is when my step-dad and my mom got married.  My brother wasn't that happy, but I was, with my hair in curls in a pretty blue country style flower girl dress.  My mom with long wavey hair and a white country style wedding dress.  My step-dad wore a cowboy hat and a country style tuxedo (my brother was wearing the same thing).

I was the first one to dance at the reception, then my mom and my brother joined me.  I danced almost the whole reception except for three or four breaks for grapes.  My step-dad's cake was almost gone when I stopped for a second break.  People just loved those chocolate covered strawberries on his cake.  By the time my dad picked us up to leave, we were exhausted.

When I Grow Up by Miranda Barnes, November 14, 2003  
When I grow up I want to have children and a husband.  I want to have children to care for and love for all of my life.  I want a husband to lvoe and take care of me without me asking.  I want kids that are responsible, don't do drugs and do make good grades.  I want to have these things because they would be great to have and can be people that you just want to take care of because you want to.  I would die for these things to have.  It would make me unhappy to not have these things.
Movie Star by Miranda Barnes, September 19, 2003  
If I could be a movie star, I would be Austin Powers sidekick, Little Powers, and we would stop the mad man, Doctor Evil, and his sidekick, Mini Me.  We would wear grooveadlic fighting suits and I could go to a school and become Miss International World of Mystery.  Like Austin but, without the Miss, and put in a Mr.  Then we would have a lot in common except his dad wasn't there and mine was.  I like Austin because he is all for 60s through the 80s.  I also like him because he's always wearing something that psychedelic, far out and groovy. Also, his partners always wear cute and grooveadlic outfits that I want to wear.  Plus, I get to fight with Mini Me, get to karate chop his bald head and poke his eyes out with a stick.  Then we could go save the world again, just me and Austin saving the world from mass destruction once again.
I am proud to be an American by Miranda Barnes, September 10, 2003  

I am proud to be an American because we have the freedom to be who we want to be.  If someone wants to be in the Army, they can.  They just have to work hard to get there.

I am also proud to be an American because of my Opa.  He was the person that really encourages me.  He was a police officer and also was in the Army for 25 years.  My Opa and my dad were in the Vietnam War.  But the horrible thing is that he died from cancer.

My Oma has a flag that somebody gave to him in a box.  He never opened it and my mom has a bunch of pictures of him in our house that always reminds me of him.

I think that my family are the people that make me feel a lot better when I start to cry about my Opa.  They make me feel better about him.

I guess I'm proud to be an American because of my friends, my family and especially my Opa.

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